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TitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetenciesNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Musika at Sining61SAN ISIDROAbehilan ES
Musika at Sining61SAN MIGUELCamanaga ES
Musika at Sining61SIERRA-BULLONESCanlangit ES
Musika at Sining61SIERRA-BULLONESSta. Cruz ES
Musika at Sining63TALIBON 1San Roque ES
Musika at Sining62TALIBON 2P/Lt. E. B. Artiaga (Bacbacan)
Musika at Sining61TRINIDADLa Union ES
Musika at Sining61TUBIGON-EASTBilangbilangan ES
Musika at Sining62TUBIGON-WESTAvelino Chagas ES
Musika at Sining61CANDIJAYLa Union ES
Musika at Sining62GUINDULMANCanhaway ES
Musika at Sining61ALICIAAlicia Central Annex ES
Musika at Sining61ANTEQUERATupas ES
Musika at Sining61BALILIHANBaucan ES
Musika at Sining61BATUANBatuan Central ES
Musika at Sining61MABINITambo ES
Musika at Sining61CALAPEUlbujan ES
Musika at Sining61CANDIJAYPanas ES
Musika at Sining61PILARInaghuban ES
Musika at Sining61CORTESPatrocinio ES
Musika at Sining61DAGOHOYSan Vicente ES
Musika at Sining61DIMIAOOac ES
Musika at Sining61TALIBON 2Calituban ES
Musika at Sining61GARCIA-HERNANDEZDatag ES
Musika at Sining61TRINIDADSto. Tomas ES
Musika at Sining61GUINDULMANLombog ES
Musika at Sining61INABANGA SOUTHSto. Rosario ES
Musika at Sining61LOON NORTHBagacay ES
Musika at Sining61LOON NORTHMocpoc ES
Musika at Sining61LOON SOUTHPig-ot ES
Musika at Sining61MABINIDel Mar ES
Musika at Sining61PILARBagacay ES
Musika at Sining61PILARSan Carlos ES
Musika at Sining61SAGBAYANKagawasan PS
PE & Health61SAN ISIDROAbehilan ES
PE & Health61SAN MIGUELCamanaga ES
PE & Health61SIERRA-BULLONESCanlangit ES
PE & Health63TALIBON 1San Roque ES
PE & Health62TALIBON 2P/Lt. E. B. Artiaga (Bacbacan)
PE & Health61TRINIDADLa Union ES
PE & Health61TUBIGON-EASTBilangbilangan ES
PE & Health62TUBIGON-WESTAvelino Chagas ES
PE & Health61CANDIJAYLa Union ES
PE & Health62GUINDULMANCanhaway ES
PE & Health61ALICIAAlicia Central Annex ES
PE & Health61ANTEQUERATupas ES
PE & Health61BALILIHANBaucan ES
PE & Health61BATUANBatuan Central ES