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TitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetenciesNumber Of CopiesSpecial Note
Akong BugsayAboitiz, Amaya C.EnglishGrade 1; Grade 2; Grade 32
All about animalsEvans, MayScienceGrade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 62
Ang among balaySantoalla, ArianaMother TongueKinder1
Ang bag-ong laybrariReynes- Santos, JonellieMother TongueKinder1
Ang kahadlok ni EntengDingayan, JanetMother TongueKinder1
Ang mabait na kalabaw Almario, Virgilio S.FilipinoGrade 12
Ang Panaw ni Junjun ug KaloyAlunday, Mark DairyllMother TongueKinder1
Animated videos in improving learners' English performanceSalaum, Godard V.EnglishGrade 9The result implies that the use of animation is effective in attempting to enhance and/or improve students' achievement in English1
Atong saulogon!Santoalla, ArianaMother TongueKinder1
Audio-video instructions to improve learners academic performance in Araling PanlipunanMillanes, Mariechu D.Araling PanlipunanGrade 9This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of audio-video instructions in improving the academic performance of the learners1
Awareness on domestic violence and extent of experience in relation to self-esteem among students, Mabini District, Mabini, BoholCorona, Mark Eleazar A. Professional Development MaterialsMAT-AP1
Bakit matagal ang sundo ko?Canon, KristineFilipinoGrade 33
Blue dayEsclante, PipaFilipinoGrade 31
Bridges to literature: Level IGreene, JaneEnglishGrade 11; Grade 121
Bridges to literature: Level IIIGreene, JaneEnglishGrade 11; Grade 122
Brigada eskwela program implementation in relation to school performance, Division of Bohol : proposed benchmarkingMalmis, Arcadio J.Professional Development MaterialsPhD1
Capacitating home learning partners of Grade 5 learners on basic operations with fractionsDumale, Mary Joy T., Ponla, Carmelo Jr. A., Poblador, Rosie S.MathematicsGrade 5The study aimed to determine the effectiveness of capacitating home learning partners to improve the learners performance on basic operations involving fractions 1
Capacitating teachers research skills through collaborative action research buddiesBongcayao, Anafe A.Professional Development MaterialsMA-EDThis study shows that Collaborative Action Research Buddies could enhance research action skills through its facilitative effect on their cognitive and affective domains1
Carpentry and building constructionFeirer, John L.Technology And Livelihood Education (TLE)Grade 11; Grade 121
Century 21 accountingRoss, Kenton E.MathematicsGrade 11; Grade 121
Chenelyn! Chenelyn!Garlitos, RhandeeFilipinoGrade 53
Classroom management practices among teachers at Tubigon West National High SchoolMontuya, Aileen P. Professional Development MaterialsMA-EM1
Classroom performance of elementary teachers: a proposed enhanced supervisory classroom performance programTravero, Sheena Faye T.Professional Development MaterialsPhD1
Cookery and bread and pastry production offering and students attitudeRoferos, GinaProfessional Development MaterialsMA-EM1
Dalawang dagang bulagDesuasido, RodolfoFilipinoGrade 15
Differentiated enrichment activities in improving reading performanceSentillas, Evangeline C., Avenido, Cemie D.Reading And WritingGrade 1This study was conducted to improve reading skills through differentiated enrichment activities 1
Drive rightJohnson, Margaret L.Technology And Livelihood Education (TLE)Grade 11; Grade 122
Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) results and grade 1 Academic PerformanceLumay, Elvira G. Professional Development MaterialsMA-EM1
Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) results and Grade 1 pupils' academic performanceLumay Elvira G.Professional Development MaterialsMA-EMThe result of the study revealed a significant relationship between the academic performance and the reading ability of the pupils.1
Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) results and Grade 1 pupils' academic performanceLumay Elvira G.Professional Development MaterialsMA-EMThe result of the study revealed a significant relationship between the academic performance and the reading ability of the pupils.1
Economics: principles and practicesClayton, Gary E.MathematicsGrade 91
Effects of animation on academic performance and attitude towards scienceCerino, Ma. Teodela D.Professional Development MaterialsMAT-Science1
Elements of language: 4th courseOdell, LeeEnglishGrade 42
Elements of language: 5th courseOdell, LeeEnglishGrade 51
Elements of language: 6th courseOdell, LeeEnglishGrade 61
Elements of language: introductory courseOdell, LeeEnglishGrade 61
English communication skills in new millenniumSenn, J.A.EnglishGrade 11; Grade 121
Enhancing learners mathematical performance through peer-assisted instructionTambiga, Danna Jean T., Ranque, Leonardo C., Biol, Rebecca T.MathematicsGrade 10This action research was to determine the effectiveness of peer-assisted instruction as an i9ntervention in enhancing mathematical performance of the learners1
Enhancing learners reading performance through decoding drillsMendez, Emily Rose P., Amoguis, Irish Joy M., Lopez, Lotchie B.Reading And WritingGrade 1This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of decoding drills as an intervention to enhance the reading ability of the learners1
Enhancing learners' ,mathematics performance through multi-sensory remediation approachMonsanto, Jia Mae E., Curan, Flordilith H.MathematicsGrade 3The main purpose of the study was determine the effectiveness of the Multi-Sensory Remediation Approach in enhancing mathematics performance1
Enhancing learners' reading skills through teacher-parent monitoring partnershipBarbon, Maria Ana R., Jamonir, May L., Ungab, Jane P.English; Reading And WritingGrade 1; Grade 2This study revealed that teacher-parent monitoring partnership as an intervention is an effective way of enhancing the reading skills of the learners1
Enhancing learners'' reading performance through contextualized explicit instructionRonquillo, Mel Rose R., Mascarinas, Ailyn L., Manigo, Gemma A.Reading And WritingGrade 1This study recommends the institutionalization of Contextualized Explicit Instruction as reading intervention across all grade levels 1
Enhancing reading skills through virtual reading activities Ricafort, Gordian Lynn A., De Torres, Inocencia A., Mendoza, Celeste T.Reading And WritingGrade 2This study encouraged teachers to make know the effectiveness of reading intervention1
Factors that influence student's attitude towards mathematics among grade 11 students of Conception National High SchoolCorona, Elizabeth A.Professional Development MaterialsMAT-Math1
Glencoe writer's choice: grammar and compositionEnglish; English For Academic And Professional Purposes; Oral Comunication; Reading And WritingGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 121
Glencoe writer's choice: grammar and composition EnglishGrade 91
Grammar and application: a K to 12 tool for English language fluency Dannug, Ferazim R. EnglishKinder; Grade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 6; Grade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 121
Haluhalo espesyalFernandez, YvetteFilipinoGrade 63
Help the forestCrosby, RitaEarth ScienceGrade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 66
Holt McDougal LiteratureEnglishGrade 11; Grade 121