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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Learning MaterialMusika at Sining483CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Learning MaterialPE & Health483CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE483CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Learning MaterialESP682CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Learning MaterialMATH682CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Learning MaterialAP 582LOON SOUTHLoon South CES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO582LOON SOUTHLoon South CES
Learning MaterialMATH482CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialESP182SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialMATH382DAUISCatarman ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE382SAGBAYANSan Agustin ES
Learning MaterialMusika at Sining482TALIBON 1San Roque ES
Learning MaterialMATH382TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH382TUBIGON-EASTTubigon East CES
Learning MaterialMAPEH281SAN MIGUELMahayag ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE581ANTEQUERAAntequera CES
Learning MaterialMTB381CORTESDela Paz ES
Learning MaterialESP481CORTESDela Paz ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE381PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIALapinig ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH481TALIBON 1San Pedro ES
Learning MaterialESP580TALIBON 2Guindacpan ES
Learning MaterialAP 480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialAP 480CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH480CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialEPP480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialEPP480CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialESP480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialESP480CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialMATH480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialMusika at Sining480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialMATH280CALAPECalape CES
Learning MaterialPE & Health480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialPE & Health480CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE480PILAREstaca ES
Learning MaterialTLE780TALIBON 2Zosimo A. Gulle Memorial National High School
Learning MaterialAP 280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialESP280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialMATH280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialMTB280TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialPE & Health480CALAPECalape CES
Learning MaterialESP680TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialMATH680TALIBON 2Mahanay ES
Learning MaterialESP180DAUISCatarman ES
Learning MaterialAP 480SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialEPP480SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES