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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Learning MaterialESP6120SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO3120LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialMTB3120LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH2119CALAPECalape CES
Learning MaterialENGLISH5118TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialESP3118SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialMATH3118SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialPhysical Education And Health11117INABANGA SOUTHSouthern Inabanga HS
Learning MaterialAP 3116TALIBON 1Talibon Central ES
Learning MaterialAP 3116SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialAP 1115TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialESP1115TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO1115TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialMATH1115TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialMTB1115TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialESP5115SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH3115LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialAP 2114CALAPECalape CES
Learning MaterialMATH3114TALIBON 1San Isidro Elementary School
Learning MaterialENGLISH4114TALIBON 1San Roque ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE4113TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH3113TALIBON 1San Isidro Elementary School
Learning MaterialMTB3113TALIBON 1San Isidro Elementary School
Learning MaterialENGLISH3112TALIBON 1San Agustin ES
Learning MaterialEPP4112TALIBON 1San Agustin ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO4111TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO1110CLARINClarin Central ES
Learning MaterialMTB1110CLARINClarin Central ES
Learning MaterialMATH4109TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialMusika at Sining4109TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE5108TALIBON 1San Roque ES
Learning MaterialEPP4108LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO3106MABINIMabini Central ES
Learning MaterialMTB2106TALIBON 1Sto. Niño ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO2106TRINIDADTrinidad Central ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH3106TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Learning MaterialMATH3105LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE3105LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialMAPEH2104CALAPECalape CES
Learning MaterialAP 2103TRINIDADTrinidad Central ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH1102GUINDULMANGuindulman Central ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH3102CARMEN EASTBicao ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH5102TALIBON 1San Agustin ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO3102TRINIDADKinan-oan ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH1102TRINIDADTrinidad Central ES
Learning MaterialOral Comunication11101DIMIAODimiao NHS
Learning MaterialESP4100MABINIMabini Central ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE3100TALIBON 1San Agustin ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH3100TALIBON 1San Isidro Elementary School
Learning MaterialPE & Health4100SAGBAYANSagbayan Central ES