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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Curriculum GuideAP 12TUBIGON-EASTTubigon East CES
Curriculum GuideAP 11TUBIGON-WESTVillanueva PS
Learning MaterialAP 110GUINDULMANTabunoc ES
Learning MaterialAP 19LOON NORTHBiasong PS
Learning MaterialAP 130PILARBayong ES
Learning MaterialAP 113PILARSan Vicente ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11CALAPEKinabag-an ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11CANDIJAYCambane ES
Learning MaterialAP 122SAN MIGUELCapayas ES
Learning MaterialAP 115SEVILLACalinginan Norte ES
Learning MaterialAP 17SIERRA-BULLONESCasilay PS
Teacher's GuideAP 11CLARINCabog ES
Learning MaterialAP 1115TALIBON 1Sto. NiƱo ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11DAGOHOYCagawasan ES
Learning MaterialAP 160TALIBON 2San Francisco ES
Learning MaterialAP 115TRINIDADLoblob ES
Learning MaterialAP 11TUBIGON-EASTBunacan ES
Learning MaterialAP 135TUBIGON-WESTCahayag ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11GARCIA-HERNANDEZSacaon ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11GUINDULMANBiabas ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11ANTEQUERAObujan-Tagubaas ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11BALILIHANSagasa ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11LOON NORTHCambaquiz ES
TextbookEdukasyon Sa Pagpapakatao (ESP)115SIERRA-BULLONESAnibongan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11CALAPESampoangon ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11CANDIJAYLungsodaan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11PILARCatagdaan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABaud ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11SAGBAYANSan Antonio ES
Curriculum GuideAP 13CLARINNahawan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11SAN MIGUELKagawasan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11DIMIAOCatugasan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TALIBON 2San Jose ES (CES)
Curriculum GuideAP 11GARCIA-HERNANDEZCambuyo ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TRINIDADM. Roxas ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11GUINDULMANCasbu ES
Learning MaterialAP 118ANTEQUERAAngilan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11INABANGA SOUTHLonoy PS
Curriculum GuideAP 11LOON NORTHCantomucad PS
Curriculum GuideAP 11LOON SOUTHLintuan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11MABINIBaybayon ES
Learning MaterialAP 110CALAPECabudburan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11MABINIValaga ES
Learning MaterialAP 125CANDIJAYSan Isidro ES
Curriculum GuideAP 12PANGLAOTangnan ES
Learning MaterialAP 120CARMEN EASTMontevideo ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11PILARLumbay ES
Curriculum GuideAP 12PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACanmangao ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11SAGBAYANCanmano ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH11SAGBAYANSanta Catalina ES