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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31DIMIAOCatugasan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Teacher's GuideFILIPINO32TALIBON 2San Jose ES (CES)
Teacher's GuideEPP51TALIBON 2Cataban ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TALIBON 2Sag ES
Teacher's GuideEPP51TRINIDADGuinobatan ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51GARCIA-HERNANDEZEstaca ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TRINIDADLa Victoria ES
Teacher's GuideFILIPINO31TRINIDADM. Roxas ES
Teacher's GuideAP 11TUBIGON-EASTBuenos Aires ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11GUINDULMANBulawan ES
Curriculum GuideEPP52GUINDULMANMayuga ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51INABANGA SOUTHBadiang ES
Learning MaterialEPP541ANTEQUERABungahan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11INABANGA SOUTHCawayan ES
Learning MaterialAP 16ANTEQUERAQuinapon-an ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51LOBOCAgape ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11LOON NORTHCanhangdon PS
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31LOON NORTHCantomucad PS
Curriculum GuideEPP51LOON NORTHNueva Vida ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11LOON SOUTHBasdacu PS
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31LOON SOUTHLintuan ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51LOON SOUTHSto. NiƱo Dela Paz ES
Curriculum GuideAP 12MABINIMabini Central ES
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31MABINIBaybayon ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO313CALAPECabudburan ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51MABINILungsodaan ES
Learning MaterialEPP51CALAPELabu-on ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11MABINISan Rafael PS
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31MABINIValaga ES
Learning MaterialEPP536CANDIJAYCanawa ES
Learning MaterialAP 128CANDIJAYMahangin ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO320CANDIJAYSan Isidro ES
Learning MaterialEPP559CARMEN EASTCarmen East CES
Curriculum GuideAP 12PANGLAOLibaong ES
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31PANGLAOTangnan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11PILARDel Pilar ES
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31PILARLumbay ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51PILARSan Isidro ES
Curriculum GuideAP 11PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABayog ES
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACanmangao ES
Curriculum GuideFILIPINO31SAGBAYANCanmano ES
Learning MaterialFILIPINO325CLARINBonbon ES
Curriculum GuideEPP51SAGBAYANKatipunan ES
Learning MaterialEPP521CLARINCaboy ES
Curriculum GuideMAPEH31SAGBAYANSanta Catalina ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH11SAN ISIDROCansague Norte PS
Curriculum GuideMAPEH32SAN MIGUELBayongan ES