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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41SIERRA-BULLONESSan Agustin ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61SIERRA-BULLONESVilla Garcia ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41TALIBON 1Rizal ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41TALIBON 2Guindacpan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61TALIBON 2Sag ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61TRINIDADLa Victoria ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21TRINIDADPanaghiusa ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41TRINIDADTagum Norte ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61TUBIGON-EASTBuenos Aires ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41TUBIGON-EASTTubigon East CES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61TUBIGON-WESTBanlasan ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21TUBIGON-WESTJose Boja ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41TUBIGON-WESTVillanueva PS
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41ANTEQUERABitaugan PS
Teacher's GuideMTB21ANTEQUERAViga PS
Teacher's GuideMTB21BALILIHANBoctol ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21CALAPECabayugan ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61CALAPEPangangan ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41CANDIJAYCambane ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61CANDIJAYLuan ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21CANDIJAYPangpang ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21CLARINBogtongbod ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41CLARINCabog ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41DAGOHOYCagawasan ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41GARCIA-HERNANDEZSacaon ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61GUINDULMANCansiwang ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21ANTEQUERABungahan ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41ANTEQUERAObujan-Tagubaas ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61ANTEQUERAViga PS
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61BALILIHANBoctol ES
Teacher's GuideAraling Panlipunan11DUERODuay PS
Curriculum GuideMTB21BALILIHANDatag ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41BALILIHANSagasa ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41LOON NORTHCambaquiz ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21LOON NORTHNueva Vida ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41LOON SOUTHBasac ES
Curriculum GuideEdukasyong Pantahanan At Pangkabuhayan (EPP)61MABINITangkigan ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41LOON SOUTHTubodio ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61CALAPECabayugan ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21MABINILungsodaan ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21CALAPELabu-on ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41CALAPESampoangon ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61MABINITangkigan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21CANDIJAYCanawa ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41CANDIJAYLungsodaan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61CANDIJAYPangpang ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41PILARCatagdaan ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61PILARLa Suerte ES