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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE41PILARSan Isidro ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health61PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABaud ES
Curriculum GuideAP 31PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACanmangao ES
Curriculum GuideAP 31SAGBAYANCanmano ES
Learning MaterialAP 325CLARINBonbon ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE41SAGBAYANKatipunan ES
Learning MaterialSCIENCE423CLARINCaboy ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health61SAGBAYANSan Antonio ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31SAGBAYANSanta Catalina ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE61SAN ISIDROCandungao ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH32SAN MIGUELBayongan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51SAN MIGUELCambangay Norte ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE61SAN MIGUELKagawasan ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31SAN MIGUELSto. NiƱo PS
Curriculum GuideAP 51SEVILLACalinga-an PS
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31SIERRA-BULLONESAbachanan ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31SIERRA-BULLONESSan Agustin ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51SIERRA-BULLONESVilla Garcia ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31TALIBON 1Rizal ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Learning MaterialAP 540DUEROBangwalog ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE61TALIBON 2San Jose ES (CES)
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31TALIBON 2Guindacpan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51TALIBON 2Sag ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31TRINIDADHinlayagan Ilaud ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH320GARCIA-HERNANDEZLibertad ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51TRINIDADLa Victoria ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE61TRINIDADM. Roxas ES
Curriculum GuideAP 51TUBIGON-EASTBuenos Aires ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE61TUBIGON-EASTLibertad ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH32TUBIGON-EASTTubigon East CES
Curriculum GuideAP 51TUBIGON-WESTBanlasan ES
Curriculum GuideENGLISH31TUBIGON-WESTVillanueva PS
Teacher's GuideENGLISH31ANTEQUERABitaugan PS
Learning MaterialENGLISH37LOON NORTHBiasong PS
Teacher's GuideTLE71CANDIJAYLa Union NHS
Learning MaterialAP 574MABINIMabini Central ES
Teacher's GuideSCIENCE61BATUANBatuan Central ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH328PILARBayong ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH332PILARSan Vicente ES
Learning MaterialAP 533PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABayog ES
Teacher's GuideENGLISH31CALAPEKinabag-an ES
Teacher's GuideAP 51CALAPEPangangan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 51CANDIJAYLuan ES
Learning MaterialAP 516SAGBAYANSan Isidro ES
Teacher's GuideSCIENCE61CANDIJAYPanas ES
Teacher's GuideAP 51CARMEN EASTEl Salvador ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH327SAN MIGUELCapayas ES
Learning MaterialENGLISH315SEVILLACalinginan Norte ES
Learning MaterialAP 522SEVILLALagtangan ES