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TitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
AlgebraHaenisch,SiegfriedMathematicsGrade 92JAGNAJagna Central ES Library Hub
Algebra 1MathematicsGrade 115VALENCIAValencia Tech-Voc HS
Algebra 1MathematicsGrade 111VALENCIAValencia Tech-Voc HS
Algebra 1MathematicsGrade 71DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra 1Ron Larzon, et.alMathematicsGrade 76JAGNAFaraon NHS
ALGEBRA 1GLENCOEMathematicsGrade 71SIERRA BULLONESSierra Bullones Technical Vocational High School
Algebra 1Ron Larson, 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 105DAUISTabalong NHS
Algebra 1John CarterMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11Polynomials Rational Expressions Coordinate System Linear Equation and Inequalities Slope Systems of Linear Equations Relation and Function Statements 2SEVILLABayawahan NHS
Algebra 1Ron LarsonGeneral Mathematics; MathematicsGrade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 124SIERRA BULLONESDusita HS
Algebra 1 An Incremental DevelopmentGener, RobertMathematicsGrade 71DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra 1 An Integrated ApproachMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 121DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra 1 Functional ApproachBuenavista, Regina C.MathematicsGrade 71DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra 1 Texas EditionRon Larson 910BACLAYONPamilacan HS
Algebra 2Bradshaw, CarolynGeneral MathematicsGrade 112CATIGBIANCatigbian NHS
Algebra 2 Carter MathematicsGrade 115VALENCIAValencia Tech-Voc HS
Algebra 2Carter, John A. MathematicsGrade 11; Grade 125BATUANQuezon HS - Batuan NHS Annex
Algebra 2John A. Carter, Ph. D. et.alEnglishGrade 127LOONCabilao NHS
Algebra 2MathematicsGrade 125VALENCIAValencia Tech-Voc HS
Algebra 2Carter, et. alMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 108TRINIDADKinan-oan HS
Algebra 2CarterMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 101SEVILLACambagui-Calinginan National Norte HS
Algebra 2John CarterMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11Factoring polynomials Rational Algebraic Expressions Coordinate Plane Linear Equations and Inequalities Slope Relation and Functions Dependent and Independent Variables Linear Functions 2SEVILLABayawahan NHS
Algebra 2Burger, Edward B.MathematicsGrade 86DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra 2Edward B. Burger, et.alMathematicsGrade 88JAGNAFaraon NHS
Algebra 2John A. CarterMathematicsGrade 86GARCIA HERNANDEZTabuan NHS
ALGEBRA 2MathematicsGrade 810ANTEQUERACanlaas High School
Algebra 2Boswell, LaurieMathematicsGrade 96JETAFETulang NHS
Algebra 2Haenisch,SiegfriedGeneral MathematicsGrade 96JAGNAJagna Central ES Library Hub
Algebra 2 An Incremental DevelopmentSaxon, John Jr. H.MathematicsGrade 81DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra II Functional ApproachMathematicsGrade 81DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra WorkbookMathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 105DANAOTaming NHS
Algebra ½ an Instrumental DevelopmentSaxon, John Jr. H.MathematicsGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 122ANDAAnda HS
Alice Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking GlassLewis CarrollEnglishGrade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 61BUENAVISTABuenavista CES
Alice in WonderlandEnglishGrade 625JAGNAJagna Central ES Library Hub
Aliguyon at PumbakhayonEvasco , EugeneFilipinoGrade 523BALILIHANBalilihan CES Library Hub
Aliguyon at PumbakhayonEvasco, Eugene E. FilipinoGrade 5; Grade 635DAUISDauis CES Library Hub35 copies usable
All Aboard with Five LolasGrace D. ChongEnglishGrade 53LOON SOUTHSto. Niño ES
All Around UsCarle's, EricEnglishGrade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 65ANDAAnda Central ES
All Around UsEric CarleArts; EnglishKinder; Grade 11BUENAVISTABuenavista CES
All for Texas: A Story of Texas LiberationG. Clifton WislerEnglish; Reading And WritingGrade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 11; Grade 121BACLAYONBaclayon NHS
All in a Days WorkEnglishGrade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 61BILARBilar Central ES
All Over the MapMorgan McFinnAraling PanlipunanGrade 101SAN MIGUELSan Miguel Technical Vocational School
All Sorts of ThingsEnglishGrade 14BATUANBatuan Central ES
Allies Pearl Harbor to the Day Araling PanlipunanGrade 101VALENCIAValencia Tech-Voc HS
AllosaurusHelen Frost21st Century Literature From The Philippines And The World; English; Oral Comunication; Reading And WritingGrade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 61TALIBON ISikatuna National Agricultural HS
AlmanacVirgilio S. AlmarioAraling PanlipunanGrade 91BALILIHANHanopol NHS
Almanac of Adventure - a Panorama of danger and daringRichard WhittinghamAraling PanlipunanGrade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 6; Grade 7; Grade 8; Grade 9; Grade 10; Grade 111CORTESFatima NHS
AlpabetoFilipinoGrade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3; Grade 4; Grade 5; Grade 61BILARBilar Central ES
Alpabetong FilipinoAnonevo,VictoriaReading And WritingGrade 1120JAGNAJagna Central ES Library Hub
Alpabetong FilipinoAñonuevo, VictoriaFilipinoGrade 175LOON SOUTHLoon South CES Library Hub
Always ElephantMc Canghrean, GeraldineEnglishGrade 4; Grade 5; Grade 620DAUISDauis Library Hub