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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Curriculum GuideAP 41BALILIHANMagsija ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41LOON NORTHCalayugan ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41LOON SOUTHBadbad ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41LOON SOUTHTubodacu ES
Curriculum GuideAP 42CALAPEPangangan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41CANDIJAYLuan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41CARMEN EASTEl Salvador ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41PILARCansungay ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABasiao ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIASan Vicente ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41SAGBAYANSan Agustin ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41SAN MIGUELHagbuyo ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41SIERRA-BULLONESDusita ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41DIMIAOCanlambong ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41TALIBON 1Zamora ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41TRINIDADTrinidad Central ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41GARCIA-HERNANDEZCagwang ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41TRINIDADMaonglinis PS
Teacher's GuideAP 41TUBIGON-EASTIsaac Lopoz ES
Teacher's GuideAP 41TUBIGON-WESTGuiwanon ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41GUINDULMANCansiwang ES
Learning MaterialAP 411ANTEQUERAViga PS
Curriculum GuideAP 41LOON NORTHCantaongon ES
Curriculum GuideAP 42LOON SOUTHCogon Norte ES
Learning MaterialAP 414CALAPECabayugan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41MABINITangkigan ES
Learning MaterialAP 483CANDIJAYCandijay Central ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41PILARLa Suerte ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACampamanog ES
Curriculum GuideAP 41SAGBAYANCalangahan PS
Curriculum GuideAP 41SAGBAYANSan Vicente Sur PS
Curriculum GuideAP 21SAN ISIDROCandungao ES
Curriculum GuideAP 21SAN MIGUELKagawasan ES
Curriculum GuideAP 21SEVILLAGuinob-an PS
Curriculum GuideAP 22TALIBON 2San Jose ES (CES)
Curriculum GuideAP 21TRINIDADM. Roxas ES
Curriculum GuideAP 21TUBIGON-EASTLibertad ES
Learning MaterialAP 210GUINDULMANCasbu ES
Teacher's GuideAP 21ANTEQUERATupas ES
Learning MaterialAP 231MABINIBaybayon ES
Learning MaterialAP 220MABINIValaga ES
Learning MaterialAP 230PILARLumbay ES
Teacher's GuideAP 22CALAPEBonbon-Catmonan ES
Learning MaterialAP 232PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACanmangao ES
Teacher's GuideAP 21CANDIJAYPanas ES
Learning MaterialAP 26SAGBAYANSanta Catalina ES
Learning MaterialAP 251SAN MIGUELBayongan ES
Learning MaterialAP 223SAN MIGUELSto. NiƱo PS
Learning MaterialAP 226SIERRA-BULLONESAbachanan ES
Learning MaterialAP 220SIERRA-BULLONESSan Agustin ES