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Material TypeTitleAuthorSubject AreaGrade LevelCompetencies / AbstractNumber Of CopiesDistrictLocationSpecial Note
Teacher's GuideMTB21PILARSan Isidro ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACampamanog ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61CLARINBogtongbod ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21SAGBAYANKatipunan ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21CLARINCaboy ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41CLARINNahawan ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21SAN MIGUELCambangay Norte ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21DAGOHOYCaluasan ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41SAN MIGUELKagawasan ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21SEVILLACalinga-an PS
Teacher's GuideMTB21SIERRA-BULLONESVilla Garcia ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41DIMIAOCatugasan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61DIMIAOPagsa ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21TALIBON 1Sikatuna ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41TALIBON 2San Jose ES (CES)
Teacher's GuideMTB21TALIBON 2Sag ES
Teacher's GuideMusika at Sining61TRINIDADGuinobatan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61GARCIA-HERNANDEZEstaca ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21TRINIDADLa Victoria ES
Teacher's GuidePE & Health41TRINIDADM. Roxas ES
Teacher's GuideMTB21TUBIGON-EASTBuenos Aires ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21GUINDULMANBulawan ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41GUINDULMANCasbu ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61INABANGA SOUTHBadiang ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41INABANGA SOUTHLonoy PS
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61LOBOCAgape ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21LOON NORTHCanhangdon PS
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41LOON NORTHCantomucad PS
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61LOON NORTHNueva Vida ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21LOON SOUTHBasdacu PS
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41LOON SOUTHLintuan ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61LOON SOUTHSto. Niño Dela Paz ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41MABINIBaybayon ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61MABINILungsodaan ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21MABINISan Rafael PS
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41MABINIValaga ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21PANGLAOLibaong ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41PANGLAOTangnan ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21PILARDel Pilar ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41PILARLumbay ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61PILARSan Isidro ES
Curriculum GuideMTB21PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIABayog ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41PRES. CARLOS P. GARCIACanmangao ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health41SAGBAYANCanmano ES
Curriculum GuideMusika at Sining61SAGBAYANKatipunan ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE41SAGBAYANSanta Catalina ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE41SAN MIGUELBayongan ES
Curriculum GuidePE & Health61SAN MIGUELCambangay Norte ES
Curriculum GuideSCIENCE41SAN MIGUELSto. Niño PS
Curriculum GuidePE & Health61SEVILLACalinga-an PS